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How Can I Achieve My Goals? – Are you an action talker or an action taker?

This post is all about [how can I achieve my goals]


If you’re wondering if this is an article about: how can I achieve my goals in life? then you’re absolutely right.


The not so secret pathway for how to actually achieve your goals starts and ends with action taking.


But is taking action effective if it’s the wrong type of action?


Great question.


If you’re wondering why can’t I achieve my goals. Then pondering how can I commit to achieving my goals.


Well here are the 3 types of actions that people take when they have goals.


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The 1st type of action that people take when they have goals is: no action. If you take no action, you will get no results. 


Often times when people do not take action they still wrestle with how can i achieve my goals and dreams.


What happens instead of momentum towards a result is they think about it, plan it, decide they are going to succeed, but actually do nothing.


The formula is really simple — no action, no results.


This post is all about [how can I achieve my goals]


this is akin to the hare and tortoise


The 2nd type of action that people take when they have a goal is to take small action steps — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


This is akin to the hare and the tortoise.


The tortoise will get there eventually by taking mini, mini action steps.


The tortoise doesn’t worry about, how can I achieve my goals this year.


The tortoise knows if you take small action steps, it will take a bit longer but you will get your result.




Most people I am guessing you as well do not want to settle for some random date in the future.


Most want a quicker or at least more efficient solution for how to really achieve your goals


working smart versus working hard


Which brings me nicely to the 3rd type of action that people take when they have a goal. The 3rd type of action is to take smart action.


Think about working smart versus working hard.


One way of working smart is to think about what are the 20% of my actions that will give 80% of the results I’m looking for towards this goal. 


Think about a goal that you have right now, what are the 20% of actions that you can take to get 80% of the results you are looking for?


What are some s.m.a.r.t actions you can put in place so you get done efficiently the smaller goals in a way that means you maintain momentum.


Another way is to remind yourself why you are even going for this goal at all.


How can I achieve my goals and why becomes the new question.


Constantly seeking out efficiency with your action taking accelerates the process for how to achieve your goal. 


Is smart action taking a quick fix i.e. how long does it take for action to work.


What I have found work for how to help achieve goals is get efficient with how you get your results.


Then also play the long game of not expecting instant results a week from now.


Working smart gets you to expertise faster but not necessarily fastest. That said it is certainly faster than if you took no action or intermittent slow action. 




In summary, 3 types of actions that people take when they have a goal: no action, small action, or smart action.


If the big question of how will I achieve my goals?


Lock in on the latter… taking smart action.


If you are interested in improving your personal results, personal fulfillment or professional goals,


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This post was all about [how can I achieve my goals]


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