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How can Perfection be a Weakness (and how can I make it my strength)?

This post is all about how can perfection be a weakness


How can perfection be a weakness (and how can I make it my strength)


If I need everything to be perfect is the answer.


The question could be ‘What is the number one way to get nothing done?’


Throw in thinking I want to be perfect in everything and at best you will make progress but progress will be incredibly slow.


Perfect hinders progress


Progress is halted by perfect



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Perfectly polished next steps


The progress made trying to be perfect could be so slow; as to make the tortoise from the hare and tortoise seem like the roadrunner.


Perfectly polished next steps but not making significant progress forward quickly.


Real progress happens when we embrace that, Is it ok to not be perfect… mentality.


In order to get the results we are looking for it is important to acknowledge how perfectionism can be a problem.


Being the high achiever you are the question still lingers. How can perfection be achieved?



This post is all about how can perfection be a weakness


Make adjustments as you progress


Well I have good news for you especially if you have high standards for the results you want.


If you are after A+ results, in order to make faster progress go for imperfect D- results.


D- isn’t the endpoint, but you can make adjustments as you progress.


As you make adjustments or iterations your results will be improving due to the repetition.


The best way to achieve perfect


Quickly achieved D- results easily with time and iterations, become C- results. Then B- results and the improvements continue.


The tyranny of waiting for perfection is having your goals and plans in place but nothing happens. Or results are so slow.


Perfectionism is the enemy of Action taking.

Action taking with iteration is essential for true progress.


In closing, the best way to achieve perfect (or certainly competence) is initially aiming for imperfect.


Please share your thoughts below re: perfectionism versus aiming for imperfect.



This post is all about how can perfection be a weakness


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