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Move towards your goals – how to make progress towards your goals

This post is all about [how to make progress towards your goals]


If you have a goal what is the best way to make progress? How do you keep moving towards your goal?


More importantly, how do you move towards your goals successfully?


Should you move towards your goals now or wait and plan a bit more.


These questions are especially important if you know what you’re trying to achieve but you’re not making huge progress.


If you would like to know how to move towards your goals daily keep reading for some tips.


Step number one to move towards your goals for the future is to show up.


Move towards your goals with progress by taking regular action.


That regular action taking means you are making progress on achieving your goals. It might not seem like it initially.


When you show up, you might initially feel that you’re making slow progress.


You want to know how to make progress in life. You want to move towards your goals.


However the results don’t seem like they are appearing quick enough. In order to achieve goals you set it is important to bring all of yourself and show up as much as you can every single time.


Progress towards your goals is not instantaneous which is why after you move towards your goals it is then important to do step number two…


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Step number two is show up. If it sounds similar to step one, well that is because it is.  move towards your goals focused, continue to show up.


The difference between step one and two is now, you’re making bigger progress and this progress stacks up.


As you move towards your goals overall you build momentum in terms of results you are getting and even in terms of your skills or competence.


Keep showing up, keep moving towards your goals.


No need to move towards your goals by yourself. You can get leverage by taking advantage of or joining things like masterminds or seeking out mentors or coaches.


Any of all of these help your implementation because of the accountability aspect.


Shorten your learning curve sometimes by years and help you achieve your maximum professionally and even personally as well.


Step number three may be a bit surprising as well…

This post is all about [how to make progress towards your goals]


It will feel like big progress


The third step to move towards your goals for work or to move towards your goals in life is to show up.


If it sounds similar to the first two steps it is and it isn’t. Let me explain.


When you show up in step one, it’ll feels like small progress as you move towards your goal.


At step number two, of these move towards your goals tips it’ll feel like big progress.


Your are building towards your goals and gathering momentum. 


Your focus is still how to make progress every day. However In step number three, as you continue to show up, you might even plateau.


You are persisting in showing up and it feels like there’s no progress at all.


This is possibly the moment you have probably  almost cracked the code for how to get your goals. You are making progress and this is your  moment to continue showing up. 


Because as you go from making smaller progress in step one, to making bigger progress in step two then all the way to being to a plateau where you feel stagnant in step three.


Far from your progress slowing down you are  actually making a phenomenal amount of progression.


This plateau is a platform almost covering the distance between where you were and opening into the expertise and results you have been seeking. 



Your progress seems faster


For example, if you’re trying to learn a language, initially you might be over one side and your goal might be all the way over the other side—and progress seems slow.


But as you show up continuously, your progress seems faster.


The day will finally come when you keep showing up where you don’t feel like you’re making progress in said language, and voila—one day you have fluency.





This post is all about [how to make progress towards your goals]


Remember. Slow progress. Fast progress. A slowing down or apparent plateau of your progress will lead you to where you want to be.


And what you want to achieve.


If you are interested in improving your personal results, personal fulfillment or professional goals, one way to maximise your potential is working with a coach.

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