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Steps to Success – In 4 moves…

This post is all about [tips on achieving success]


What are steps to success (explained in 4 moves)


This blog will cover some tips on achieving success.


Often times we wonder what are steps to success and why are they important.


This of course makes the path to the result seem simpler.


I just have to do these few steps and thats it.


I will attempt to explain how to get to success in four moves in this post.


But first…


What does success mean to you?


If you’re reading this I assume it means achieving an objective.


Getting a result.


Making progress.


Alternatively advancing forward in some way.


And of course there is the prize of you being referred to as one of the best. You are a winner. You succeeded.


What are ways to achieve success?





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Step number one is to decide….


Decide that you will be successful and picture what that success looks like.


This can be success in your personal or professional life.


Of course this decision to be successful includes what that success looks like. What is it you want to achieve and by when?


Regardless make the ‘no turning back’ decision that you will be successful.


And get specific.


This will greatly help your success journey.


Which brings me nicely to the 3rd type of action that people take when they have a goal. The 3rd type of action is to take smart action.


Think about working smart versus working hard.


One way of working smart is to think about what are the 20% of my actions that will give 80% of the results I’m looking for towards this goal. 


Think about a goal that you have right now, what are the 20% of actions that you can take to get 80% of the results you are looking for?


What are some s.m.a.r.t actions you can put in place so you get done efficiently the smaller goals in a way that means you maintain momentum.


Another way is to remind yourself why you are even going for this goal at all.


How can I achieve my goals and why becomes the new question.


Constantly seeking out efficiency with your action taking accelerates the process for how to achieve your goal. 


Is smart action taking a quick fix i.e. how long does it take for action to work.


What I have found work for how to help achieve goals is get efficient with how you get your results.


Then also play the long game of not expecting instant results a week from now.


Working smart gets you to expertise faster but not necessarily fastest. That said it is certainly faster than if you took no action or intermittent slow action. 




This post is all about [tips on achieving success]


its been achieved already


Step number two is start thinking about success.


When pondering what are keys for success, thinking about your success is significant.


Have a place where you can think in real time about your success like it’s been achieved already.


Use every tool at your disposal to pre-suppose you have got this.


To support your thinking you can do affirmations.


Affirmations help you speak your success into existence.


Then give you an elevated mindset to achieve that success.


To support your thinking you can add visualizations.


With visualisation you see your success like it has already been achieved.


As you can visualise; you can see, hear, smell or perhaps taste what that success looks like achieved.



working smart versus working hard


Step three is find a place where the success has been achieved already.


The chances are in and amongst 8 billion people someone else has attained the success you want.


That means for you to achieve the same success, do what they’ve done.


Find out what are steps to success you need to know to get the same result for you.


Step four is to take action. Every other step seeking success means nothing if you don’t take action.


One of the keys to success is take action once you discover what are the steps to success that you seek.





In summary success in four moves:


step number one is decide you will succeed

step number two think about your success

step number three find where the success has been achieved and do the same


step number four take action.


Hope you found this post useful. My name is Mo Salami and I help high achievers create the life and lifestyle they seek. This is via group coaching for growing and scaling their Online Business and 1-1 personal development coaching. If creating the life and lifestyle you seek is top of mind for you schedule a strategy session with me to see if we could be a fit to work together.


This post was all about [tips on achieving success]


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