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One Crucial Thing All Winners do to Win (hint: losers avoid doing this)

This post is all about [what winners do to win]


What sets a winner and someone who does not win as much, apart from each other?


Is there a secret to what winners do differently to win that others won’t?


There’s one thing that winners do that losers don’t. A winner, by their very nature, will make many different attempts.


They are happy to try and try again. What winners do differently can be summarized in one word.




What winners do is they fail.


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A loser -or someone that probably won’t get the result they are seeking- does everything to avoid failure.


Whenever you see a winner, you see someone who has failed many different times.


You see it every day. Professional athletes. Professional musicians. Professions that graduated.


The loser sees failure as a bad thing. The winner wins big from expertise due to years of feedback.


A winner embraces failure and calls it feedback.


A loser avoids failure at all costs


A winner embraces feedback at all costs


A loser ‘fails’ once and does not try again.


This post is all about [what winners do to win]


That’s Ten Thousand Times


One of the most famous connoisseurs of feedback in the world was the inventor Thomas Edison. He would do what winners do every year. Fail.


He was trying to invent the electric light bulb and make it available for everyday people to buy.


Thomas Edison failed over 10,000 times before he succeeded.


That’s TEN THOUSAND TIMES. Most people I’m guessing 99.9% of people would have long given up.


When asked how he felt after his invention got recognition, Edison said, “I didn’t fail, I just got feedback 10,000 times on what not to do…


and once I eliminated all the ways not to do it, I found the one way to do it.”


leading one day to winning


And it would be fair to say that throughout history Edison is known not for the 10,000 ‘failures’, but for the one time history changing invention.


What winners do first is embrace failure and call it feedback.


Winners do everything they can to embrace failure. The one thing that winners do that losers don’t is fail many times.


Then when they fail again they take the feedback. Dust themselves down and try again. The reward being the new feedback.


That feedback and taking action on the feedback ultimately leading one day to winning.




This post is all about [what winners do to win]


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