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7 Most Crucial Things to Avoid When Building Your Email List

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Email List - 7 Crucial Things to Avoid When Building Your Email List

This free report you will...


Help You Save Money...

…and get more efficient to create your email list.


Ensure you are efficient with your list building activities.


Avoid wastihg time, wasting effort and not getting the results you really want and need.


Help You Remember To...

…focus on one of the most important activities for your business whilst highlight what the distractions may be.

That way you are insulated against chasing that next shiny object…


versus remaining on track with your shiny pathway.


Ensure The Experience For...

…your email subscriber is a great one and is also dependable for both you and the subscriber.


This means you won’t make the error of immediately losing the interest of a subscriber…


or potential lead…


Ensure You Avoid...

…the common pitfall email list owners do when communicating with their list


which destroys communication.


That way the subscriber feels further from them and almost forgets who they are when they do reach out.

This Report Is a Must Have If...


you are constantly feeling fearful about how you can get consistent with income you earn with your online business.

You want to align your desire to grow your audience with the practices required to do that efficiently.

You want some of the proven techniques that successful online marketers do.

You to avoid practices that can add to your learning curve, and takes years to figure out via your own trial and error.

About Mo Salami

Mo Salami is an Online Marketing Expert, International Keynote Speaker, and Certified Life Coach.

He speaks multiple languages; fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Mo is a former SENIOR MENTOR for World Class Peak Performance GURU Tony Robbins. Whilst part of his California-based team, Mo generated tens of millions of dollars in sales for Tony Robbins’ events worldwide.

Mo has done over 20,000 hours of 1-1 consulting; including consulting over 8,000 business owners doing a million dollars a year in revenue or more. This was for business results or with their personal fulfilment.

As an Online Marketing Expert; Mo helps experts grow or scale their Online Business whilst creating their ideal lifestyle.

His unique background with Personal Development -at the very highest level- means he also helps you get breakthroughs during his results-driven coaching sessions.

Efficiently growing your email audience...


... is an aspiration for many. But where do you even start.

Having been immersed in the world of online business for well over a decade one thing is clear...

Knowing which practices to avoid when growing your list makes a monumental difference.

The myriad of limiting beliefs that often shows up especially if you are getting started brand new with your online business is not helped by

'Not knowing what tool to use to collect email'

'Unknowingly making common mistakes that put the brakes on your list growth'

'Getting in your own way and unknowingly jeopardizing your list growth.'

'Not having consistent list growth besides your best efforts.'

I have personally used...

…lots of different versions of software and tools for an online business over well over a decade.


…Then finally could put together a list such as this one. Having a list such as this saves time to figure it out yourself.


…Then allows you to then focus on other areas as you move your online business onward and upwards.


You can literally read in ten minutes from a list that could save you ten years of figuring it out.

And its in a quick...

…easy to store and come back to report.

This is a combination of practices to adopt or avoid.

Some I had to learn on the way to having an over 20,000+ email subscriber list.

Then also research into the best tools that hundreds of thousands of marketers use currently.

I have prioritised the ones I use because I want to give to you what works for me.

These seven tips will make growing your email list even more efficient. ...


... go to the link and download this easy to follow report

Reading this report for ten minutes could save you 10 years figuring out the common errors. You will have a list of 7 common mistakes without suffering from these missteps.

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