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More Conversions, Clicks and Sales at Your Buy Now Button

This post is all about [more conversions, clicks and sales] at your buy now button

Entrepreneurs use buy now buttons in their website to generate sales for their online business.

You can increase website sales by optimising your buy now button. This can increase your online sales as you have an increase online sales conversion.

The intention is a higher percentage of people are taking action; when they arrive at your buy now button.

You can intentionally increase online sales through social media; or coming from any other lead source, by optimising your buy now button.

In fact as an online business owner, it is important to constantly improve your online business, so that there is an increase in sales and conversions.


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red, green, orange and blue

How can you optimise buy now buttons to generate more clicks and sales, and lead to even more conversions for your online business. All of this of course means improving website sales

Today, I will be sharing 4 strategies to optimise your buy now button that can improve results at your website to increase sales.

This post is all about [more conversions, clicks and sales] at your buy now button

One way to increase conversion rate of your buy now button is to make it stand out. The correct standout colors can increase website conversions.

Especially colors that stand out and grab the attention of your audience.

The colors that you can use to make your buttons stand out are red, green, orange and blue.

These may increase salespage conversions and increase checkout page conversions.

Research on these vary. Some studies show ( research conducted by Hubspot) that a red button buy now button outperforms a green button by 21%.

Does a website increase sales if the buy now button shape is rectangular with rounded corners. According to some studies yes.


This post is all about [more conversions, clicks and sales] at your buy now button

people make decisions in seconds

A second way to boost your buy now button is placement.

The key here to ensure your website can increase sales is place the button where it cannot be missed.

under the image of your product
on a pop-up page
on your website banner.

Or all of these. You want to make it as easy as possible to locate the button. As well as it be eye catching. People make decisions in seconds and there are so many things vying for their attention at any moment

more connection to your brand

A third way to increase conversions at your buy now buttons; to generate more conversions, clicks and sales is to use the right copy.

The right copy catches and keeps your viewers attention. It should be clear and also obvious to the reader what the next action step should be.

Action verbs that give instruction are important here:

Buy. save.

These are two examples that promote or suggest an action or result.

A fourth way to increase your results with your buy now button is iteration. In other words continually testing.

Your audience will tell you by their actions what resonates with them.

When you are constantly testing you know what changes are needed, what copy works. Which button placements work. Which button colours convert best.

You can add even more value for your audience, as they take more action steps and next steps.

Optimising the buy now button means more people take action than if the buy now button is not optimised.

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This post is all about [more conversions, clicks and sales] at your buy now button

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