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The Importance of Having An Email List

This post is all about [the importance of having an email list]

What is The Importance of Having an Email List?

Running an online business, the question that may come up is, why an email list is important.

Are email lists worth it? 
An email list can help you attract potential customers. Then whilst email list building you can maintain a relationship with your existing customers.

Why you need an email list? One answer is the impact of connecting with your own audience with up to date notifications.

This could be about announcements, new blog posts, and updates or information about your product or service.

Email list definition; is an audience that you build ideally of prospects, highly interested to learn more from you.

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What are 5 reasons why it’s important to have an email list.

Reason number one, you can easily send messages to your audience. Nowadays we have social media to connect with our customers.

But, social media has an algorithm. This can make it tricky for your post to be viewed by enough of your audience.

An email list is a sure way to send messages and notifications to your customers.

Also, studies have shown that 91% of consumers check their emails at least once a day.

Its important to use an email list builder to grow your list. There are too many literal read flags with an email list on gmail. For one you cannot send one email to multiple people.

The second reason why it’s important to have an email list. It  is returning visitors to your website.

Over 70% people that leave your website may never return.

Making an email list sign up to your email list, is a sure way they can continue to engage with your content and services.


This post is all about [why build an email list]

stickability and results

The third reason is you own your email list. Having followers on your social media accounts is great for vanity metrics. However, you do not have control over your social media. It is rented real estate. Your email list belongs to you.

Social media companies often change their policies. These can affect your social media account at any time. Email list management can lead to great engagement, stickability and results for your audience.

more connection to your brand

The fourth reason why it’s important to have an email list is you can personalise your emails.

Personalized, value packed messages often gives more connection to your brand.

When your customers feel connected to your business, this leads to a build up of trust.

Reason number five why it’s important to have an email list. You can build trust and rapport with your audience.

Email list conversion rate goes up. Email sent to your clients can give more connection, compared to just seeing a post on social media.

Very soon your value packed regular emails; will feel like conversing with a friend they know.

And of course typically people buy from people they know.


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This post was all about [why build an email list]

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